What is this Goat Simulator You Speak of?

I have been hearing about this goat simulator game for the LONGEST time. What is this game that everyone has been talking about for the past month and a half?

As I type please take the moment to watch this short video with me.

I guess of you have always wanted to be a goat then this would be quite the wild ride. It’s obviously a PC (I’m not too sure which console might be eager to sell a video like this). You can buy it on Steam right here! It’s 10 dollars, don’t blame me if you don’t like it, it’s not something that I have played because I don’t play video games on the computer… I think the whole thing is quite comical though, it’s really just a from laughs game and I think it would be really interesting to gather a small crowd at a party and connect it to the TV. Everyone would probably have a blast.

Dead Island REFERENCE!!!

Best Video Game Happy Endings

Who doesn’t love a good ending? You know, the ones that make your heart beat a little bit faster and make you feel like you are experiencing the raw emotions of the video game? Those are the best. I wouldn’t say that I am sucker for happy endings but more of a lover of meaningful endings. A lot of happy endings can be somewhat unfulfilling and down right cliche.  This post is dedicated to the endings that make me smile and remain in my mind for the rest of my life. (Depending on whether or not I get memory loss when I am older) Be warned these are a list of MY personal favorites and they are in no particular order.

Pokemon X and Y


We all know the ending. AZ led to the destruction of many in order to bring back his Floette that died in battle. Floette could not forgive the harm that he had brought to the world and thus deserted him. AZ wandered the land for, what was it? 3000 years, in search for Floette, begging for forgiveness. Lysander used AZ to bring back the legendary, and the rest is the story of the game. The ending is when AZ wishes to battle you after the Elite 4. He isn’t especially hard to beat but that doesn’t really matter. After the battle you notice something floating down from the sky, AZ also notices, and what he sees brings him down to his knees. It’s his Floette. The manly tears of the giant man are what really get to me…I’m not kidding, the reunion is really heart warming. Sycamore says that Floette must have been waiting for his self realization, and that it probably never really left him. GAH! So much beauty.

Fire Emblem Awakening


Where to start? Ok so once you defeat Grima (which inadvertently leads to your death) everyone starts talking about how awesome of a person that you are. You then have to wait like an hour for the credits to finish. But as you wait you get to read about what all the other characters do in the future. With the exception of your spouse, pretty much all the futures are told and most seem nice. This may seem a bit more special to me since I (accidentally) married Chrom. The screen fades out but then there is a cut scene. It is seemingly the same one in the beginning where Chrom and Lissa first find you in the field. You hear Lissa say, “We can’t just leave them here.” You open your eyes and see the two leaning above you- like the beginning. Chrom then continues to help you up to your feet pulling you (awkwardly close) to his face. He smiles and instead of questioning you says, “Welcome Back” I squealed SO hard. It was frikkin perfect! The powerful relations developed throughout the game is what allowed you to return after disappearing. Ow- right in the feels.



I am having a hard time deciding whether or not this is a sad or happy ending. I’m going with happy in the end. After defeating Atlas with the help of the little sisters, you are finally free. You can return to the surface and live with the little sisters acting as their guardian- depending on the choices you make throughout the game. I like to ensure that my endings are happy so I try to be merciful. The little sisters act like daughters, they grow up, go to college, get married, and have kids of their own. As new life emerges your life has come to end. The final scene to the beautiful life is Jack in a hospital bed. He is presumably in his last seconds of life. As he dies 5 female hands (belonging the the little sisters- I hope) lay on his. He dies with them, knowing that he is loved. SAD???? HAPPY???? In the end, I am going with happy. A sad ending might be more along the lines of Bioshock 2 and Infinite.

Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir


This is a relatively unknown video game. The main character is Maya- a ghost girl. The ending is that you figure out Maya was a shrine girl. A disease overtook the Japanese town that she lived in so villagers got scared. In order to be a shrine girl one has to have no connections to anyone. The villagers were aware of the “other Maya” that Maya had created to keep herself from being lonely and rid of her. They sewed shut Maya’s mouth and eyes to rid of the evil. As you can tell from watching movies, being a shrine girl is some serious business- you are basically harvesting demons in your BODY. By defeating the evil Maya that had been stealing faces you bring together the two Maya. They embrace each other, Maya promises to never leave her counterpart again as you watch on. They are long lost friends that are reunited. The game ends with the other maya looking over at you and the door shutting in your face as they continue to embrace each other.

Portal 2


You should have seen this coming. After everything, being trapped in Aperture, escaping GLaDOS, returning to cryogenic stasis, escaping GLaDOS again, and defeating Wheatley: this ending is much deserved. Caroline is GLaDOS and as you are let free from the torment of testing you are bid farewell from the turrets. They sing Carra Mia Addio (Goodbye my Dear) as you rise up from the laboratory. Possibly centuries after the fall of Aperture to GLaDOS and you are free to the Earth above. (Sounds like Bioshock) The fighting is over, once a time enemies are now friends, but they still Want You Gone. Acres of wheat (ley?????) surround you, Chell gazes across the land, everything seems do unfamiliar but also nostalgic. Loud bumping can be heard from the chute, and when you look back at the shack the Companion Cube that you were forced to “incinerate” in the first game is returned.


What is your favorite ending in a video game? Talk about it!







Rune Factory 4 Has it All

I got Rune Factory 4 like 3 weeks ago and I still haven’t finished the game yet but so far it’s pretty good. It’s made by Natsume, which if you didn’t already know, makes Harvest Moon. I hadn’t realized it when I bought it but about 30 minutes into the game it was pretty obvious. It has the same functions as Harvest Moon but has a fantasy setting. Along with this fantasy setting is a wide array of activities and fighting. In Harvest Moon you don’t fight- which is its downfall for me (much too boring)


But, Rune Factory brings together all the things that I like about Harvest Moon with some of the stuff that I enjoy from Pokemon (forcing animals to be your friends) and Street Fighter (button controller fighting sequences)! Like all traditional RPGs you get to choose your name but not your character. They’re not sexist so you can be either a boy or a girl. Naturally there are some awkward romantic interests. I can never get used to that…can’t you go through a game without marrying some one and having kids?! I would really appreciate it if video games would respect my choice of life style. #i’m16youpervs! What’s more disturbing is that the characters look like they are 17 at the most.

Don’t let that deter you though! It’s a good game and although it’s not really one of my favorite games and probably not worth the 40 dollars that I spent on it…it is worth it to buy it used or something. :)

Watch out for Porcoline,,,I’m not too sure what it is, but it’s definitely not human despite the fact that it talks.

Kore wa nan desuka????

Kore wa nan desuka????

Interested in Being a Blog Author?


If you have read my blog before then you probably know that I really don’t have as much time as I used to. To be honest I really need people who can blog about these following things: PS Games, Xbox Games, PC Games, Nintendo Games, and Popculture. I for the longest time have been trying to have all 5 under my umbrella of expertise but I just can’t keep things flowing like they used to. I just don’t have the time. So I am looking for 5 new authors who have freedom in what they post (virtual freedom…no weird naked pictures or anything)

I would be so grateful, and of course there would be a link to the respective author’s blog. It wouldn’t be such a bad thing to post for this blog…it has some good recognition and a lot of search engine attention. So why not join the theoretical family? That was a rhetorical question, I don’t need any of your responses on that question!

So email me at: thecakeisnotalietome@gmail.com and we can work something out ^_^

The Most Beautiful Nintendo Game EVA- Minus Pokemon

So it’s not like Fire Emblem Awakening is new or anything, and it’s not like I JUST started playing it- I’ve just been busy.

I will tell you that I found this game utterly beautiful and amazing. The story is not necessarily creative, nor does it explain a lot but it is fun as hell. I am really bad at RPGs…like really bad. Final Fantasy and Bravely Default aren’t for me, but I was like pwning everyone . There are so many characters- granted, I don’t use like half of them. But the way you have control over what everyone does puts you in such a flexible and powerful gaming position.

It has pretty much everything, including marriage and children? That part I didn’t understand, and it was really awkward whenever there was a romantic dialogue. Sometimes I am not too sure how to react to words of affection. Hugging people of the same gender sometimes gets me nervous ^-^

It’s pretty bad ass, it has anime cuts scenes, there are like a bajillion different classes, and….fun :3 If you haven’t already gotten it then I suggest you do! It’s on that list of Ari approved things…it’s a selective list…I swear.


If you have played the game what do you think? What’s your favorite character? Talk about it!