If you haven’t noticed, I haven’t been updating…I’m on unpaid leave until pokemon alpha sapphire and omega ruby come out. Stayed tuned!

Attack on Titan Video Game for 3DS

So, as far as I know this is a real game in Japan…what I am concerned about is AMERICA. I swear, if this game doesn’t come to the US (which so far, it is having trouble doing) then I am going to get myself a Japanese 3DS!

I LOVE anime and I think that Attack on Titan has just such an original plot… so please make this into an American video game- for the children.

Sharknado: The Video Game

Whether or not you are a fan of the cinematic masterpiece: Sharknado (I’m guessing most of you aren’t), I am sure that you all have, without a doubt heard of it at some point. Most of you have probably even heard of the sequel: Sharknado 2, that is coming out this month. July 30th to be exact.

Is this really what it looks like? No clue, not my job

Is this really what it looks like? No clue, not my job.

Now, I haven’t watched the movie, so I am in no position to judge the quality of this movie. But from what I can tell based on what others have said, the Netflix description, and the TITLE- it isn’t necessarily Gone With the Wind.

This isn’t the only time that something absolutely ridiculous has become famous, and it definitely won’t be the last, so it won’t come to anyone’s surprise that a Sharknado video game is set to come out this year.


It isn’t a console game, it’s actually an app game, which makes sense because that is the cheapest route in gaming, and making a B rated movie doesn’t pay as much as it used to.

So keep your eye out for that- it is supposed to come out BEFORE the release of Sharknado 2, and the plot so far… I have no clue. I’m not sure if I am going to update on this (I won’t) but I just wanted to be able to post something on this dreadful Saturday.

Hasta la Vista, Baby.


What do you think: Hoenn Mega Starters

It’s been a while since I have last updated. I’m really busy with city college and I was at Anime Expo from Thursday to Today. It was an awesome experience but I need to focus at the subject at hand.

Let’s start out with the mega evolutions of the Hoenn gang. We all know Mega Blaziken, it’s old news, no one cares, it was awesome when it first came out, sorry Blaziken- go away. Now that we are clear that Mega Blaziken is irrelevant and that pretty much no one is going to chose it as their starter, we can talk about the real stars.


Aww come on, don’t make that face.

What we have here is a prime example of giving your pokemon steroids. I thought that Swampert was already a bulldozing tank that could rip a full grown man in half with a hydro pump, but look at this.


He looks a little too ballish for my tastes, but since Mudkip is my choice of starter, here is what comes along with the package. Right now, I’m just wondering how his legs are supporting him. He has got itty bitty feet~ LOL i guess he looks like me with his fat upper half amd trim legs and midget feet TT_TT


Itty bitty FEET!!! But still a buffed out pokemon none the less. I can imagine his defense and attack stats being through the roof.


I think that Sceptile’s mega evolution is far more complex and better looking than swampert’s, but I can’t decide which stats it has that are good and I can’t really tell by looking at it either. I don’t like treeko that much, so despite my longing for sceptile, I just a’int digging treeko.


It’s not you treeko…it’s me. Either way, I am super happy that the spores on the back are bigger and that there are more hints of greenery and nature in the theme because that’s what I have always imagined a mega sceptile to look like. I have no complaints and as far as I can tell- no itty bitty feet.

What do you think about the new mega evolutions? What’s your Hoenn starter? Talk about it!

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