Let’s Talk About: Personality Cores

Deviantart: ky-nim  Love this drawing!

Deviantart: ky-nim
Love this drawing!

We all know about companion cubes. There’s Wheatley and of course the cores that are used to jam up Central AIs. If these cores didn’t exist we all would have been dead from Neurotoxin a long time ago!

The first personality cores were introduced in the first Portal game, but I think the most memorable and more well-known ones are in Portal 2.

In Portal the morality, curiosity, and anger core are thrown into an incinerator in order to defeat GlaDOS. In a tragic twist of fate, it turns out that this isn’t the last time personality cores are necessary. Let’s make this into a list as opposed to a giant essay style narrative on spherical AIs.

The morality core has to be one of my favorite cores…not only because it represents everything that STOPS GLaDOS from killing Chell, but also because it stays blissfully quiet when you are carrying it around. The space core is cute and all, but when it takes you a long time to get that little sucker on Wheatley, he can get annoying. “Space space? Space. Wanna go to space.” The morality core is the first one to be incinerated, and it just so happens that losing her sense of morality makes GLaDOS want to start pumping out that neurotoxin. There has been a lot of speculation that the loss of the morality core is what allows GLaDOS to be such a bi-scuit in the second portal game. I’m not sure if I believe this because I’d be pretty vindictive too if someone caused me to implode.

After incinerating the first core, the curiosity core is the next one to go. It doesn’t really do much except be an annoying little bugger. He just asks looks around and asks where he is going (hint hint, curiosity core– your death)

The last core to go is the anger core. I don’t really have much to say other than he…or she…growls. It’s funny because it’s suppose to embody anger- and people don’t usually growl when they are angry. I always thought it would be yelling profanities¬† or insulting Chell (kind of like how GLaDOS does), but growling is an extremity of anger. You’d have to make me pretty angry to get me to growl, or you’d have to get near me when I’m playing games ^_^”

A core that some people don’t count is the cake core. It’s a cake recipe rambling, cute little ball of blue! It looks like it could be a prototype of Wheatley. This cake is seen before the credits of Portal, and is my favorite one…for obvious reasons (the cake is not a lie to me)

Crossing into Portal 2, we have what are called- the Corrupted Cores.

They were thrown away because they are seen as just that- corrupted, and therefore incapable of doing their…core duties.

Space Core…he’s the first up for obvious reasons (he’s the first one you attach to Wheatley) I’m not going to lie- he’s freaking adorable and his space antics are the best. SPAAAAACE. I used to have an app that would recite all of his sayings and I had some fun annoying the hell out of people. Point is his love of space and his hyper-ness makes him an instant fan favorite. Everyone’s happy and laughs when he gets flung into space with Wheatley, but we all feel a pang of guilt to hear him say , quote on quote “Don’t like space. Don’t like space. It’s too big. Too big. Wanna go home. Wanna go to earth.” Ah! The feels.

Then there’s the adventure core…or Rick, if you want to refer to him by his self assigned name. I think he’s funny in a way. He thinks he has the need to protect Chell from the “manly adventure” she is facing at the moment even though she has been dealing with testing and near death experiences FOREVER. Not to mention the fact that he’s a useless sphere of junk that tries to hit on Chell and act all chivalrous. Indiana Jones Core.

Last of the cores- but certainly not least- BECAUSE HE IS SO HARD TO ATTACH TO WHEATLEY!!! – is the Fact core. He’d be an unbearable prick if it hadn’t been for the fact (lol) that all his “facts” were complete bullshit. Later on when I would replay Portal 2 and was actually good at the boss battle, I would still stall the fact core part because I liked to listen to him.

As a bonus, I don’t know if this counts, but Wheatley is the Intelligence Dampening Core! I tagged this on at the end, sorry for the abruptness.

Which is your favorite core? Least favorite core? Talk about it!

Mega Stone Hunting- Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby (After Subduing the Legendary)

2nd part to my mega stone guide. Sorry this might have taken a while for me to write- I have a lot to do: homework, studying for finals, looking for my YMCA tag…all things I really should be doing…

oh well!

Image: roosterteeth.com

Image: roosterteeth.com

So, these are mega stones that you will only be able to find after either capturing or defeating the legendary pokemon of your respective video game. I don’t think anyone really DEFEATS the pokemon…who does that unless they are dumb enough to not save before going to battle? (no offense to anyone who FORGETS to save- been there, done that)

Without any further ado

Abamosite: Route 123- Find it in the berry fields

Aerodactylite: Meteor Falls- Find it on the ground

Ampharosite: New Mauville- Find it on the ground

Charizardite X: Fiery Path- Find it on the ground

Charizardite Y: Scorched Slab- Find it on the Ground

Gardevoirite: Verdanturf Town- Talk to Wanda in her house

Houdoomite: Lavaridge Town- Find it on the ground

Kangaskhanite: Pacifidlog Town- Find it on the ground

Lopunnite: Mauville City- Get it from the businessman in Mauville Hills

Mewtwonite X: Littleroot Town- Find it on the ground near the lab

Mewtwonite Y: Pokemon League- Find it on the ground

Scizorite: Petalburg Woods- Find it on the ground

Tyranitarite: Jagged Pass- Find it on the ground

Venusarite: Route 119- Find it on the ground

I Lost Pokemon X and 100 Legendary/Shiny/Special Event Pokemon

Even though I’ve had my new pokemon game for more than two weeks now, I had still yet to transfer over all the AMAZING pokemon that I have accumulated over the years.

Well I now am forced to say goodbye to more that a hundred especially rare and awesome pokemon when I lost my copy of Pokemon X at my college campus today. Whoever found it, probably won’t even enjoy it! And if they do, then they are damn lucky. I feel like such an idiot…


I’m not going to get too depressed about it- can’t afford to do that, it’s finals week.

I feel like I’ve lost a little piece of my life TT_TT

Regice, Registeel, Regirock Dolls for Your Secret Base

So…going along with the past two QR code posts that I just put up. Here is this one.

I’m not sure how this has been working for everyone else, but these QR codes get you to the secret base of Pokemon developers- Masuda, Tsuguru, Morimoto. I’ve so far only checked out Tsuguru’s and he gave me a Regice doll as soon as I talked to him…I also took him to my secret base…to admire.

Haha ^_^ The problem right now is that a whole bunch of people are saying that they are taking forever to get the dolls- like 6 days. This wasn’t true in my case, so I’m not really sure what to believe. There have also been a lot of problems with people not being able to scan Masuda’s, but I’ve been told if you use the right angle then it works.

What I would recommend is opening up this image in a new tab to put it in view mode. That or you can press the link I put right underneath the image.



Once you scan one of the codes, your secret base PC should say that their base has appeared in Mossdeep City. If you remember correctly, there is an old man sitting at his table saying that he is waiting for a secret base to appear behind the scroll on his back wall. Well- that’s exactly where it is! It’s the southernmost house in the Central area of Mossdeep.

Hope you enjoy your dolls- fair warning: they  are kind of BIG.

Exclusive Animal Crossing Designs

It’s December, so all of you Animal Crossing Players know what that means! It’s a beautiful winter wonderland in Animal Crossing New Leaf. In case you didn’t already know about these QR code designs that are available, here they all are.

I found them on their website, and I have to say- I’m surprised that I haven’t visited it before. Animal Crossing is such a good game, I can’t wait for a new one, although- based on how long it took for New Leaf to appear, I’m guessing I’ll have to wait a while.

modal-designs-carousel-01 modal-designs-carousel-02 modal-designs-carousel-03 modal-designs-carousel-04 modal-designs-carousel-05 modal-designs-carousel-06 modal-designs-carousel-07a modal-designs-carousel-07b modal-designs-carousel-07c modal-designs-carousel-07d modal-designs-carousel-08a modal-designs-carousel-08b modal-designs-carousel-08c modal-designs-carousel-08d modal-designs-carousel-09a modal-designs-carousel-09b modal-designs-carousel-09c modal-designs-carousel-09d modal-designs-carousel-10a modal-designs-carousel-10b modal-designs-carousel-10c modal-designs-carousel-10d

The ones with 4 parts to them? All I know is they are part of the pro create thing that you can do at Sable and Mable’s. I have yet to try it out, but I’ll keep you updated if it’s anything too complicated. Enjoy!

Visit My Secret Base!

When it comes to pokemon, I’d say I’m a pretty sociable player. So if you play ORAS, scan this code at your secret base and come visit mine! Be warned, my base is up the water fall and only reachable with an acro bike, so you would need to have beat Wallace… either way, don’t be shy!


Add me to your friend base too! :D the more the merrier, you’d be able to battle me every day, and yea… IDK I’m just really excited that the whole secret base thing continued on into the remakes.


Here’s something else I found in my DS’s SD card… an ugly face selfie after I went swimming at the beach. #poolforlife TT_TT

Officially Buying Rated M Video Games

I don’t think I have ever mentioned this, but my birthday was November 17th. My birth date was November 17, 1997. I started this blog when I was 15, and guess what? This blog has been going on since January of 2013. Happy early birthday TheCakeisNotaLietome!

Image: ayay.co.uk

Image: ayay.co.uk

Point is, I was 15 when I started this blog. I am now 17. Back when I was 15 I had A LOT more time on my hands, that’s obvious, based on how infrequently I post something. Being 17, let me tell you- I can now buy rated M video games…legally…by myself…with ma own moneh! This is a milestone, and even though I have yet to actually buy a rated M video game…I CAN! So…yeah- society, your move. I’m going to play rated M video games and NOT be a murderer. :P